Czech to Send Additional Forces to Afghanistan

September 3, 2009 Updated: September 3, 2009

PRAGUE, Czech Republic—Next year the Czech government will send up to 275 additional soldiers to Afghanistan. Currently there are around 500 Czech soldiers stationed in Logar Province in southern Afghanistan.

Recently the Czech Minister of Defense Martin Barták visited the Czech base in Afghanistan in order to personally experience the situation.

The Czech government is preparing a long term plan and a financial solution for its military actions in Afghanistan. Czech soldiers are serving in various fields.

“We have special forces that are there mainly for combat, we have a provincial reconstruction team which is responsible for the development of the country’s infrastructure and reconstruction projects, and we also have instructors helping train Afghan Air Force pilots,” Andrej Círtek, spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense told Radio Prague.

Last month Czech troops clashed with the Taliban during the Afghan elections.

“The Taliban tried to frustrate the recent elections at any cost. They attacked people that wanted to vote. The Afghan police and army were not able to oppose the attacks, but the situation was complicated because President Karzai forbid the allied troops to be involved in the election process,” Milan Kovanda, a Czech commander was reported as saying by the Law Daily.