Creep Gropes Woman in Elevator, He Would Have Never Expected This Reaction From Her

June 21, 2019 Updated: June 26, 2019

Calling all women; we have a new role model in town! A man who took it upon himself to put his hands on a woman he didn’t know while the pair were riding an elevator together got the shock of his life. Within seconds, the pervert was left in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Why? Because the woman knocked him very nearly unconscious with three lightning-fast moves in quick succession, and we simply can’t get enough of her powerful response. A woman alone in an elevator with a strange man is vulnerable by default, but this lady’s no-nonsense approach to being groped is an inspiration to all of us.

At the start of the CCTV footage, the man leans to one side, appearing to check out the woman’s physique. His next move is to sidle up behind her and peer over her shoulder at her mobile phone. She notices immediately, shakes him off, and briskly walks away to a different part of the elevator.
After only a second, the man saunters back over to where the woman is standing and slowly slides his hand up and over her right shoulder. This is the moment that she decides enough is enough. With expert precision, the irate woman throws the man’s arm away from her and swings a powerful right hook toward his face.

He jumps back, stung by the impact. But that’s not all. Next, the woman delivers a fierce kick to the groin, sending him reeling once more.
Well all know that three is a magic number, so the woman has one final power move. She grabs the back of the offender’s head and jabs her knee into his face. This is the move that sends him crashing to the floor and retreating into a sad heap in the corner of the elevator. Rest assured, it’s not the outcome he was expecting!

With exceptional timing, the elevator doors open and the woman walks out with not a hair out of place. What a heroine. This woman’s smooth moves earned her widespread respect on Chinese social media site Weibo, where the video quickly went viral. It’s since been watched thousands of times all around the world.

The sports section of Chinese news and entertainment outlet, Tencent, identified the woman as a Beijing TV host and actress Du Qiao. She starred in the Chinese sci-fi movie Twilight Wars: Power Unit in 2017, and at the time of the elevator video’s release was dating Chinese pro muay thai fighter Xu Yan.

This may very well explain Qiao’s exceptional reflexes and villain-assailing moves! After speculations circulated for a brief time, Qiao herself confirmed that she was the woman in the video. According to Yahoo, there was some doubt as to whether the video was authentic, but Qiao insisted that it wasn’t staged.

“I was just minding my own business,” she told Tencent, “but he forced a reaction from me.” While violence, ultimately, is not the answer, seeing a strong woman confidently stand up for herself against the advances of a stranger is nothing short of empowering.

If this video knocked you for six (pun intended), then share it with your family and friends and any young women who would get a kick (sorry, we’ll stop now) out of this feisty response to one man’s inappropriate behavior. Actions have consequences!

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | Weibo