Create Works of Art by Having Your Photos Printed on Canvas

If you love to take photos, chances are that you love to display your photos, especially the really great ones. There are several options available as to how to display photos. For many years, the most common way to do this was to frame them. Then, people began using mats as a way to enhance their photos even more, and protect them from sticking to the glass in the frames. Now, there is another display option that can turn even the most average photo into a beautiful work of art. All you need to do is have your favorite photos printed on canvas instead of traditional photo paper. There are many companies that offer this service, including The Canvas Print Studio.

These days, most of us are using digital cameras. The technology in these cameras allow us to get some pretty amazing shots that are crystal clear. These are easily enlarged, and make ideal canvas prints. However, not all photos are worthy of being printed onto canvas. After all, it can be an expensive process, especially if you want big enlargements. Here are some tips to help you take photos that will be ideal for printing on canvas.

  • Choose the Right Lighting – A photo that is too light or too dark isn’t going to look great no matter what you do to it, including having it printed on canvas. Learn about lighting and how to use it to create the best photos for canvas prints. One of the most important elements in any photo is the lighting, and it is especially important for canvas prints. This is because canvas can diffuse or enhance light. For instance, a photo with lots of light will print well on canvas. A low light photo will not. Subjects need to really stand out.

  • Choose a Great Subject – Because they are expensive, you don’t want to choose any old photos to be printed on canvas. Choose your subjects wisely. Some ideas include children, pets, landscapes, etc. Be sure that the subject is going to be something that will really come to life in the photo.

  • Take High Resolution Photos – Make sure that you use a high resolution. This way, your photos can be enlarged without becoming pixelated. You can go online to learn all kinds of great photography tips, including how to get the best resolution. A general rule of thumb is to take your photos at a minimum of five mega-pixels on the “fine” or “best” setting.

  • Frame the Shot – You may be wondering why we are talking about framing when you want to have your photos printed on canvas. In this case, framing means how things are aligned in the photo. You are going to lose an inch and a half of your photo because it is wrapped around a wooden frame. So, you need to frame your shot in a way that there will be nothing cropped out, such as parts of peoples’ heads, when it is turned into a canvas print.

  • Setting up the Shot – The composition of a photo is important whether it is to be printed on paper or canvas. Your photos can come to life when they are set up properly. One of the top rules of photography is to not place your subject in the center. Place them off to the side. Take photos from odd angles. Do things that are going to make the subject even more interesting. When time is taken to set up a shot, it shows in the final product.

Image Source:  Trey Ratcliff