County Airports Vie for $200 Million in State Grants

By Yvonne Marcotte
Yvonne Marcotte
Yvonne Marcotte
January 13, 2016 Updated: January 13, 2016

Randall, Warwick Municipal, and Orange County airports will be among 74 airports eligible for funding in the governor’s airport revitalization proposal announced on Jan. 9.

The proposal is designed to enhance airports throughout upstate New York and promote new opportunities for regional economic development and partnership between the public and private sectors.

“Infrastructure is the foundation of our economy and this year we are going to build and rebuild for the future,” said Governor Cuomo. “This is about stimulating the economy, creating jobs throughout the surrounding communities, and making upstate New York stronger and more competitive than ever before,” the governor in a statement.

Building on the successful international airport design competition to transform and modernize LaGuardia and JFK airports for the 21st century, the governor will provide $200 million dollars for an Upstate Airport Economic Development and Revitalization Competition to accelerate investments in commercial passenger and cargo service airports, creating thousands of well-paying jobs and promoting even more economic development upstate.

The State will award five airports approximately $40 million each. Grants will fund projects that enhance safety, improve operations and access, reduce environmental impact, and create better passenger experiences.

The competition will seek out the strongest proposals—ones that will create jobs, incorporate sustainable “green” building techniques, use renewable energy, demonstrate support from airlines and the community, leverage private investments, and demonstrate cost effectiveness.

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