Could Fairies Be Real? Alleged Real-Life Fairy Photos, Fairy Sightings

April 12, 2014 Updated: July 15, 2014

John Hyatt, a university lecturer in the U.K., gained much attention last week with his photos of what he said are probably fairies in Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. He said he took photos of various flying insects in the region to compare and these fairy photos do not resemble the insect photos. Could fairies be real?

Hyatt leaves it up to those who’ve seen his photos to decide. 

Hyatt told the Daily Mail: “The message to people is to approach them [his fairy photographs] with an open mind. …I think it’s one of those situations where you need to believe to see.” He took photos of various insects afterward to compare and he said they look completely different.

“‘A lot of people who have seen them [the photos] say they have brought a little bit of magic into their lives and there’s not enough of that around,” he said.

A photo posted by a Facebook user who says she may have captured fairies in the image. (Cynthia Rossen/Facebook)

Here’s a look at some other fairy sightings, starting with a man who decided to try and prove the existence of fairies and came up with startling results.


Epoch Times staff member Cindy Drukier shares this story:

Skeptic Tests Existence of Fairies, Convinced

“When I was running youth exchange programs, one of my host families had twin daughters, about 5-years-old at the time. One of the girls could see people’s auras and also ‘fairies’ that lived in the plants in and around the house.

“Mom totally believed, but dad didn’t. One morning when dad was alone, he said to the plant in the kitchen: ‘Hey, if you’re real, at dinner tonight, tell my daughter to tell me the word “green.”‘

“That night at dinner, his daughter was looking on the plant as usual, then came over to her dad and said: ‘Daddy the fairy wanted me to tell you “green.”‘ He became an instant believer.”



Here are some sightings shared by individuals on the website

1. 12-Year-Old Says Fairies Want Kids to See Them

Paul, 12: “I love fairies so much and one day I wished upon the first star in the sky that night for me to meet a fairy. Sure enough the next day I was playing outside with my pets and in the corner of my I … [saw] a small (about 5-inches) girl with long, black hair in a braid and a blue dress. … I quickly turned around and she didn’t move. I got so excited I started to cry. She watched me and smiled and gave me a tiny little pinch of dust. I sneezed and she gave what looked like a giggle. Sometimes I feel that fairies want kids to see them sometimes so people believe and that makes them not disappear.”


2. Fairy Calls for Help Telepathically

Roland, 79: “While doing a development in Belize where we had to clear roads and paths through the forest of Malacate Beach. One bright morning, no clouds or fog, while at work doing that clearing of bush, a fairy approximately 6 inches long wearing a black and green vest was flying toward me about shoulder height right in eye sight. It seemed as though he was coming straight at me … Then I noticed about 3 feet behind him was a large black bird that was on his … [tail] trying to catch him.

“I could feel what he was saying even though I could not hear what he was saying and it was help me, help me, help me. But it happened so fast, my mind could not get into action in the split seconds that this accrued. And last I seen he was flying into the forest with this big black bird even closer behind him.

“This took place 15 years ago on the Beach area of Malacate in Belize. I constantly remember this young fairy’s flight and he hope he got away but I doubt it.”


3. Two Generations of Children See Fairies in Same Place

Danny, 36: “… My sighting was sometime between the age of 6 to 10. My Grandparents owned a summer house, which we called camp, located in Paterson Creek, West Virginia. They owned this camp since my mom was a little girl. I spent every summer down there fishing and playing.

“One day I was on my favorite fishing bank … It was just getting dark but still light enough to see. I was fishing, when this little figure was flying around my fishing pole. … The figure would land on the tip of my pole and looked like a silhouette of a girl with hair as long as her body. This obviously startled me, I would wiggle my pole and she would fly away, when I would stop she would land again on the tip of my pole. I ran back to camp, told my grandmother and mom what I had seen.

“My grandmother looked at my mom and that’s when my mom explained to me that when she was little, her and her cousin … were eating in the summer house when a ‘fairy’ came down and took a piece of her angel food cake. My grandmother just thought my mom had made up the story.”