Corey Feldman’s Crowd-Fund to Expose Pedophile Ring Raises Over $100K in First 24 Hours

October 27, 2017 Updated: October 27, 2017

American actor Corey Feldman plans to produce a film about the pedophiles he says are still running rampant in Hollywood, and people are supporting him 100 percent.

Feldman has said previously that he and his friend Corey Haim were victims of sexual abuse in Hollywood when they were children. Now he is determined to expose the pedophiles he said attacked them, Fox News reported.

“I believe we can… bring down potentially a pedophile ring that I have been aware of since I was a child. Right off the bat I can name six names,” he said in a Youtube video posted on Wednesday, Oct. 25 where he announced plans to make the film.

Feldman has already alleged in the past that Haim was abused at a young age by a powerful Hollywood person, which later led to Haim’s drug addiction issues. Haim died in 2015 at the age of 38 from pneumonia, Fox News reported.

Feldman has started an Indiegogo campaign in hopes to raise funds for his planned documentary—and it has received overwhelming support.

As of Oct. 27, Feldman’s campaign has raised more than $140,000 by 2900 backers. According to the site, a “flexible goal” means Feldman will keep all the money raised, even if his goal is not met.

In the Youtube video, which has gained over 700,000 views as of Oct. 27, Feldman claimed he survived a “near-death experience” after two trucks tried to run him over. He believes it’s because of his work trying to expose the Hollywood pedophiles.

“Ever since I discussed the fact that I have this plan, my life has turned to utter chaos,” he says in the nearly seven-minute video.

“I’ve been silenced my whole life, but just over the past few days since I made that announcement, I’ve been arrested, I had a near-death experience last night where I felt like I was almost going to be killed. Two trucks came speeding at me at the same time on a crosswalk.”

Feldman is asking for a total of $10 million to make the documentary. His wife, Courtney, wrote on the Indiegogo campaign page that the money is also for their security and that Feldman has taken measures to ensure his secrets can outlive him.

“This is much bigger than raising finance for a film, this is about the balance of Good and Evil in very real terms,” she wrote.

“Firstly as a security measure Corey has already written down the names and details of the events and given them to a trusted person of power, in case anything should happen to him or any member of his family before the film is finished,” she warns.

The planned documentary comes in the wake of the Hollywood scandal surrounding disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein when dozens of actors accused him of sexual assault and rape.

“I propose to do this by… telling my own story in a very real way, in a very honest way, with no editing, no censorship, no studio behind it,” Feldman says.

“I will make the film, I will direct the film, I will produce the film, and I will self-distribute it to guarantee it gets a theatrical release with your donations. Additionally, it will help me buy the security and the legal team I need to protect my family.”


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