Controversial Vine Videos Get Buffalo Police Officer Suspended

February 23, 2016 Updated: February 23, 2016

A police officer in Buffalo, N.Y., has been suspended without pay over a series of Vine videos that show him performing skits, local media report.

In the skits the officer, Richard Hy, can be seen wearing his uniform and making a series of controversial statements. In one video, apparently shot inside a police station, he can be seen pretending to have stolen cocaine from the evidence locker. 

In another video he pretends to shoot a suspect saying: “I’m out of vacation days.”

The 7-second Vine videos, which started being posted last year, reportedly got the officer in trouble before. WIVB reports that the officer had been warned before over the videos.

The police department says that the the videos violated the department’s social media policy as officers are not allowed to post images or videos of themselves online in uniform nor are they allowed to post things that are deemed offensive. 

I guess Cops can’t be funny or have a life outside…
— Richard Hy, police officer

Hy, who according to WIVB was assigned to the Housing Unit, posted the videos to Vine under the name Angry Cops. He defended his actions on Twitter saying: “I guess Cops can’t be funny or have a life outside…”

Here are some of the videos that Hy posted to Vine: