Continuum Season 4 Renewed? Fans Plan to Tweet with Hashtag on Friday to Demand Show Renewal

Will Continuum be renewed or canceled? That’s what fans have been left wondering without official announcements from SyFy and Showcase, which broadcast the show in the United States and Canada, respectively.

The science fiction show is set in Vancouver in the present time, but features a cast of characters that includes some people from the future, namely 2077.

The plot is pretty strong and season 3 really upped the ante as the war between Kiera Cameron and Liber8 became less clear as the corporations’ actions were uncovered.

The recent release of the show’s season 3 on Netflix prompted more fans to ask for the broadcasters to renew the show.

Showrunner Simon Barry said in mid-July that the renewal announcement would come in early August.

Barry previously said that he envisions a seven-season story arc for the show, speaking to Collider.

“In the first meeting of Season 1, the room discussed how we wanted the show to end, and we had an arbitrary number of seven years. So, we have a good idea,” he said.

Fans are taking to Twitter to use the #RenewContinuum hashtag on Friday, in an all-out attempt to get Showcase to renew the show. If Showcase renews it, SyFy should be close behind.

Science fiction fan Rich Piechowski has organized the tweetathon, which will take place from 3 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. PDT.

Fans are asked to tweet at @Showcasedotca and say that they want a season 4.

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