Conservative Advocacy Group Launches Advert Targeting Biden Administration Over ‘Not Too Smart Bidenomics’

By Katabella Roberts
Katabella Roberts
Katabella Roberts
Katabella Roberts is a reporter currently based in Turkey. She covers news and business for The Epoch Times, focusing primarily on the United States.
October 8, 2021 Updated: October 8, 2021

A conservative advocacy group has launched a new advert targeting the Biden administration over its “not too smart” approach to economic policy after White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed it was “unfair and absurd” that companies would increase costs for consumers in response to higher tax rates proposed by Democrats.

Club for Growth is a national network of over 500,000 Americans advocating for conservative economic principles. As per its website, the group is the “only organization that is willing and able to take on any member of Congress on policy who fails to uphold basic economic conservative principles … regardless of party.”

The group has taken issue with Psaki’s claim last week that it is “unfair and absurd” that companies would raise prices for goods and services in response to higher taxes proposed by Democrats.

Psaki insisted that President Joe Biden remains committed to not raising taxes for anyone making less than $400,000 a year.

“There are some who argue that, in the past, companies have passed on these costs to consumers … We feel that that’s unfair and absurd, and the American people would not stand for that,” Psaki said at a press briefing on Sept. 27.

The advert, which launched Wednesday afternoon, is called Econ 101. It shows an image of the White House before panning to Psaki during last week’s briefing while the narrator says, “The White House, wow, you must have to be pretty darn smart to to work there.”

“Say, Jen Psaki, when President Biden increases taxes on business, won’t those costs just get dumped on customers?” the narrator then asks.

“That’s unfair and absurd,” the clip of Psaki says before repeating.

“So a very basic principal of business?” the narrator asks before the clip of Psaki is played again.

The advert ends by dubbing Psaki’s claim and Biden’s economic policy “Bidenomics,” adding that it’s “not too smart.”

“Rarely does the arrogance and incompetence that embodies the modern radical Democrat Party converge so perfectly in a single soundbite,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh told Fox News in a statement. “What’s even more amazing is that she’s probably the best they have.”

McIntosh added that the purpose of the advert is to “remind Democrats, lobbyists, and the media of what the Biden administration is doing to the economy and just how out of touch their policies are with their constituents.”

“It’s long past time to stand up to this angry and entitled socialist nonsense,” the group’s president added.

The advert is running on Facebook and Instagram and cost roughly $15,000, according to Fox.

House Democrats have proposed raising the top rate for high-earners to 39.6 percent from the current 37 percent. The new rate would apply to married couples who have taxable income over $450,000 and single people who make more than $400,000.

It would also increase the top capital gains rate to 25 percent from 20 percent, while the wealthiest—those earning more than $5 million—would also face a new surtax of 3 percent under the House plan.

Democrats, including Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Richard Neal (D-Mass.), argue that this will make the tax system more equitable.

“Our tax system lost its progressive power at the top end because many of the wealthiest taxpayers in America have had a chance to play by different rules than those of ordinary wage earners. We are taking a significant step toward leveling the playing field. Specifically, we propose to increase the top individual rate to 39.6 [percent], and to increase the top capital gains rate to 25 percent, and add a 3 percent surtax for individuals making over $5 million,” said Neal.

“In line with President Biden’s pledge and our party’s values, we’ve ensured that none of these tax increases will affect households earning under $400,000,” added Neal.

Club for Growth has also taken aim at Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s Illinois district over its opposition to the over $3 trillion tax increase proposed in the reconciliation bill.

The group bought a television advert in Illinois’s 16th congressional district called “Pickpocket” that ran for one week.

Katabella Roberts is a reporter currently based in Turkey. She covers news and business for The Epoch Times, focusing primarily on the United States.