Congressman’s Son Says He Was Assaulted by ‘Socialists’ on College Campus

November 14, 2019 Updated: November 14, 2019

The son of Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) said he was assaulted by “socialists” while painting advertisements for an upcoming event on the campus of North Carolina State University.

Jack Bishop, 19, a freshman, said he and members of Turning Point USA were on campus on Nov. 11 painting advertisements for an event called Culture Wars when a group of Young Democratic Socialists of America “rolled up on us with spray paint and proceeded to spray my eyes, neck/head, and torso.”

“These injuries required the aid of an EMS to resolve, and both criminals are still at large. I’ve filed charges for assault and property damage to both perpetrators. Thank you @NCSUPolice for your timely response. Please find these thugs and bring them to justice,” he added in a statement on Twitter.

Turning Point USA at N.C. State said in a statement that members of the group were with Charlie Kirk, head of the national organization, and Lara Trump, the wife of President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, spray painting a tunnel.

“The tunnel was stormed by radical leftist protesters who spray painted one Turning Point member in the eye and intimidated other members. Several female members were assaulted as they stood by posters promoting the event and another member was mocked for his appearance due to a medical condition,” the group stated.

A video obtained by The News & Observer showed students spray painting over the advertisements the group had made as Bishop stood against the wall.

Bishop at one point said “it smells great” and leaned toward a canister the leftwing students were using just before the video cut off. Bishop said it took several minutes for his eye to begin feeling the paint.

A member of the No Hate at NC State Coalition, another leftwing group that was at the site, admitted that the group went to cover up the messages, claiming Bishop “attempted to prevent students from exercising their First Amendment Rights by jumping in front of several of us while we were spraypainting. He intentionally tried to get sprayed to frame it as an assault.”

“All of us who were painting intentionally avoided spraying anyone, moved away from them several times and advised them to move away from the wall,” the statement said.

Bishop told Fox News that the situation “It was just very concerning for the state of the campus and of free speech.”

Kirk said in a statement: “20+ socialists attacked a young college student last night as he was advertising our upcoming @TPUSA campus visit – this is organized crime, people need to be arrested!”

And Congressman Bishop issued a statement, saying: “I commend Jack and other young conservatives for speaking up, refusing to be intimidated, and taking in stride the hallmark assaults of the ‘tolerant’ left.”

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