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Congressman Zeldin Attacked During Campaign Speech; Portland Mayor Declares State of Emergency | NTD Good Morning

Congressman Lee Zeldin was attacked during a campaign speech on Thursday. A man with a sharp object was taken to the ground after approaching Zeldin on stage.

A contraception bill passed in the House. Democrats are concerned the Supreme Court will review other precedents after overturning Roe v. Wade last month.

Portland’s mayor declares a state of emergency to address gun-related crime in the city. He’s hoping to reduce gun violence in Portland by at least 10 percent over the next two years.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Congressman Lee Zeldin Attacked During Campaign Speech
2. Portland Mayor Declares State of Emergency Due to Gun-Related Crime
3. The Mental Health Aspect of Mass Shootings
4. House Passes Bill to Protect Contraception
5. Missouri AG Sues St. Louis for Bill Funding Abortion Travel
6. US Residents Seeking Solutions to Extreme Heat Wave
7. Boston Train Catches Fire
8. New York Officials Report First US Polio Case in Nearly a Decade
9. 23rd Rally to End Falun Gong Persecution in China
10. Japan Warns of Escalating Security Threats
11. New U.S. Ambassador to Australia Says U.S. Needs to Engage More in Pacific
12. Saving Tips for Back-to-School Shopping Amid Inflation
13. Buzz Aldrin’s Collection on Sale at Sotheby’s
14. Sharks Off New York’s Long Island
15. Conservationists Celebrate Birth of Argentine Jaguars
16. National Mango Day

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