Climate Change Crusade Not Based on Reputable Science

July 14, 2021 Updated: July 15, 2021

I was glad to see the article “BC Heat Wave Caused by Natural Climate Variability, Not Global Warming: Extreme Weather Expert,” published on July 7, about extreme weather citing former Environment Canada research scientist Dr. Madhav Khandekar. The climate scare is not based on reputable science or observational evidence about what is happening in the real world. Instead, it is founded merely on highly uncertain forecasts of hypothetical future climate states that are derived from computerized climate models that do not work.

The primary outcome of the climate change crusade will not be enhanced environmental protection. After all, the “carbon pollution” that politicians across the political spectrum tell us we must curtail, is really carbon dioxide (CO2), an odourless, colourless, beneficial gas essential for plant photosynthesis and so needed for life. Recent studies demonstrate that worldwide crop yield has soared as CO2 levels have risen. So, it is the exact opposite of pollution. It is not worth spending a single dime trying to reduce CO2 emissions.

Besides wasting billions of dollars in a vain attempt to control the climate of our planet, the climate scare will cause many negative outcomes, for example, expanded government power, reduced individual freedom, and a huge increase in the production of “blood minerals” derived from child and slave labour in developing countries to provide the raw materials to build ineffective and expensive wind and solar power stations. It must be stopped now.

Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (Mech.)
Executive Director
International Climate Science Coalition – Canada

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The Reader's Turn