City to Take Steps to Help Families of Students With Disabilities

NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday several steps the city will be taking to aid families of students with disabilities. The actions will affect families whose children attend private special education programs and receive reimbursements from the city.

Previously, families who receive reimbursements from the city may have to litigate in order to get their money. These cases can drag on for a long time. Now, de Blasio is promising to reduce extended legal battles and expedite settlement decisions.

The Department of Education will also reduce the amount of paperwork families have to shoulder, by requiring that full documentation be submitted only once every years instead of annually.

“Every child in this city deserves a quality education. But for years, parents of children with special needs have had to wait for the City to settle legitimate claims for tuition reimbursement. Today, we are turning the page, making changes that will ease the burden on these parents. We are cutting red tape, speeding up the process, and reaching outcomes that do right by families,” de Blasio said in a statement.

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