City in Focus: Top of the World (Trade Center)

June 3, 2015 Updated: October 5, 2018

One World Observatory invited us to see the Big Apple as stunning as it gets on Friday, May 29. This is hands down, the broadest view of the city you can get, save a bird’s eye view from a blimp perhaps.

Standing 101 or 102 stories high, all that is teeming below suddenly seems distant and unrelated. Walking around the deck, one may gaze afar, spotting not only all the five boroughs, but parts of upstate, New Jersey, and even Long Island. And one of the best parts: the observatory doesn’t close until midnight (except during winter) so you can enjoy all the sunsets and glowing nighttime scenery that time and the $32 admission allows.

Understandably, be ready for a line to stand in and a routine security check, yet also an abundance of helpful staff and a few extras in the form of some slightly hi-tech presentations–which we will not spoil for you.

Just whizz up in one of the sky pods and see for yourself!

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