Chromecast Apps, Extension, News: Microsoft Takes on Google With ‘Miracast Dongle’?

Microsoft might be working on something to take on Google’s popular digital media player Chromecast.

Windows Phone Daily found a mysterious “HD-10” device in Microsoft Mobile’s FCC product database that had USB connection, Wi-Fi, and HDMI connection.

This device was dubbed the “Miracast Dongle” by Nokia Power User, which means it is linked to Microsoft’s screen-sharing technology, Miracast, on Windows 8.1, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8.1.

This “Miracast Dongle” should allow users to mirror what they have on their laptop, tablet and phone screens on to their television sets.

Windows Phone 8.1 already has a Miracast-based Project My Screen feature that allows users to broadcast their screen to a TV, which is handy for putting games and videos onto a larger screen if one is available.

However, since Miracast is more like Mac OS X’s Airplay Mirroring, which only allows users to show on the TV set what is on the source device’s screen, this means that the “Miracast Dongle” might not be a 100% Google Chromecast clone.

In contrast, Chromecast allows users to load their content on TV, then switch to other apps or games on the mobile device.

So far, Microsoft has not announced the device or any plans for its launch, but it could be unveiled at Microsoft’s Lumia 730 and 830 event that is scheduled for September 4.