Girl Died from Cholera Outbreak in Hainan Province

November 2, 2008 7:35 pm Last Updated: November 22, 2008 5:41 am

An eight-year-old girl died of complications due to a Cholera outbreak in Hainan Province in late October 2008. The have been a confirmed 30 cases and 297 others which are suspected to be Cholera infections in Danzhou City.

The disease is caused by bacteria known as Vibrio cholerae and is caused by ingesting or drinking water that is contaminated with the bacteria.

According to the Hainan Provincial Health Department, until Oct. 30, 2008, Danzhou City has reported 30 cases of diarrhea. Of which, 26 cases were confirmed by laboratory testing, four cases are under clinical diagnosis, 25 cured, and five have remained hospitalized. There are also a total of 297 other suspected cases of diarrhea reported and 72 hospitalized in Danzhou.

The Danzhou Hsingyin Hospital has to set up five temporary tents with warning signs to treat the many patients. As of Oct. 22, 2008, there have been 135 people hospitalized with Cholera or are suspected of Cholera infection. 60 patients are currently in the Hsingyin Hospital.

Local doctors said that Huangyu Village is one of the most severely hit areas. Many villagers have suffered from persistent and frequent diarrhea accompanied by vomiting.

An 8-year-old girl with the surname Zhao was sent to the emergency room at the First People’s Hospital due to severe dehydration resulting from the diarrhea. She later died from complications.

Experts believe that the flood caused by heavy rainfall in the south in early October 2007 is the cause of the Cholera outbreak.

It is reported that the earliest Cholera case occurred four months ago. On June 12, a patient surnamed Wu, along with 57 others ate food at Heili Village in Haikou City. 26 of them later suffered from diarrhea. Wu was transferred from local clinic to Haikou City People’s Hospital for emergency care due to severe symptoms.

The Provincial Disease Control Center later kept Wu isolated for treatment. The other 57 were also followed up on and monitored. On June 19, the Disease Control Center confirmed Wu was infected with Vibrio Cholera.

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