Chinese Woman Finds and Returns Bag of Diamonds Worth Millions

By Annie Wu, Epoch Times
June 27, 2013 Updated: October 8, 2018

When Shenzhen City native and jewelry enthusiast Fu Zhuli found a bag full of diamonds worth 200 million yuan ($32.5 million) during a trip to Hong Kong, her mind went blank for several moments.

“My heart was beating really fast, and I was also a bit scared,” she told the Shenzhen Economic Daily. She called up several of her friends, some of whom told her to keep the diamonds for herself. But after consulting her husband, who encouraged her to return them to the owner, she made up her mind to do just that.

On June 23, Fu was in Hong Kong to visit a jewelry fair. After having a look around, she decided to take a break inside a nearby cafe. As she was eating the ice cream she ordered, she noticed an unattended black bag at the foot of a nearby table. Seeing that no one came to pick it up, she grew curious and opened the bag to find “good quality, soy-bean-sized roughs” worth 400,000 yuan ($65,051) to 800,000 yuan ($130,102) each, the South China Morning Post reported. She estimated that the gems inside the 3 kilogram bag were worth at least 200 million yuan ($32.5 million).

Fu then remembered that there were two Western men sitting at the table previously. From their appearance and their accents, she guessed that they were from Israel and were traders at the exhibit.

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After deliberating, she decided to guard the bag until the owner came back to retrieve it. After more than an hour, one of the foreigners came running back to the cafe. “He was so scared that his whole face was pale, and he was very flustered,” she told the Shenzhen Economic Daily. When he saw the bag by her side, the man kept bowing and saying “thank you” to her in Mandarin Chinese.

“At the time, I couldn’t help but tell him in a stern voice, how could you be so careless, misplacing something so precious.”

While Fu believes that it might have been more responsible to hand over the diamonds to the police, she nonetheless does not regret returning them. “This is just one point in my life when I unexpectedly come across a lot of wealth. I don’t want to have such an enormous pressure to bear on my conscience because of this.”

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