Chinese Woman Berates Chinese Communist Regime After Losing Relatives to COVID-19

February 29, 2020 Updated: February 29, 2020

Location: China

Background: A Chinese woman from Wuhan City videotaped herself lashing out at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The video was recorded on Jan. 26 and has since gone viral among Chinese social media users.

“Chinese Communist Party, when are you going to step down? You promised us that Chinese people will enjoy ‘moderate prosperity’ in 2020, but what have we attained so far? We have lost our relatives [because of you]!”

“Tell me, what does ‘moderate prosperity’ mean to us when people have lost their lives? What on earth are you doing? What do we need such a government for?”

“I beg you, please go away! Step Down! We need good leaders who can help us live a good life. We don’t need such a corrupt government!”

“The soaring home prices have made Chinese civilians slaves to the high cost of living. And now, so many people are dying. Everyone will get to see it’s an economic bubble. What do we need such a government for?”

“Whatever you decide to do, you should bear the consequences. Do not implicate us civilians. Now we are bearing the brunt of it, and we are being sacrificed for what you have been doing!”

“What on earth are you? Are you humans or devils? What on earth are you doing?”