Chinese Theatregoers Moved By Shen Yun in Vancouver

February 5, 2012 Updated: September 29, 2015

VANCOUVER, Canada—Members of Vancouver’s Chinese community appreciated the portrayal of China’s ancient culture and history depicted in the Shen Yun Performing Arts production they attended Saturday afternoon at Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Mr. Ma, who attended the performance with his daughter, said that only New York-based Shen Yun could expound China’s true traditional arts.

“I am very moved and proud [to be Chinese],” he said.

“The classical Chinese dances in the performance show the deep profundity and inner meaning of Chinese culture. The ethnic dances were so down-to-earth, beautiful, and likeable.”

“The backdrops, the costumes, the choreography are all exquisite,” he continued.

“The music from Shen Yun’s orchestra was a thrilling, beautiful complement. When the emcees introduced the Chinese instruments, I was amazed how perfectly they paired with the Western instruments.”

His daughter was also captivated by her Shen Yun experience.

“Shen Yun is such a delight and is jam-packed with deep messages. As a Chinese person sitting in the audience, I feel proud and honoured,” she said.

She said she found Joyful Little Monks to be “thoroughly amusing with an enjoyable plot. The dancers were all so lively and made many audience members chuckle. I loved it.”

She also commented on Sleeves of Silk, in which extra long sleeves, called “water sleeves” in classical Chinese dance, linger in the air long after a movement is finished, giving the effect of trailing ripples.

“The dancers’ sleeves seemed like they were floating. It was wonderful. I’ve never seen a more marvellous spectacle. The scenery displayed by the digital backdrops was a welcome complement to the dances, allowing everyone to experience China’s splendid ancient culture,” she said.

“I’ve never seen or heard of a show like this in Mainland China. After watching Shen Yun, I feel very proud to be Chinese.”

‘Good Prevails Over Evil’

Wu Yingjian, a former mainland Chinese university lecturer, was also delighted with the performance.

“I’ve never before seen a show like this,” he said.

“It exhibits the battle between good and evil, that righteousness triumphs over evil. Just like the first piece [An Era Begins], the battle between good and evil also exists in the heavens, and in the end, good prevails over evil.”

“If Shen Yun were to perform in mainland China, it would enlighten many,” he added.

Mr. Chen has been in Canada for five years, and since then, every year when Shen Yun comes to town he has gone to see it.

“Splendid beyond compare,” he said of Saturday’s show.

“I could watch it 100 times and not tire of it. I really cannot describe it using words. You have to use your heart to truly experience the show. It’s so wonderful that I have no words to describe it, nothing else to compare it to.

“I owe the dancers, who have given us such an amazing performance, a debt of gratitude. I sincerely thank them.”

He added that the performance “requires not only a pair of eyes, but also the heart, to be fully experienced. I have no words to properly convey the kind of beauty in this show. Watching the show, I felt at ease.”

Like Mr. Wu, he was particularly taken with the opening piece, An Era Begins.

“I found the battle between the heavenly warriors and the evil red dragon a fitting metaphor for the overarching theme of good versus evil.”

Shen Yun’s New York Company will perform one more show in Vancouver before leaving Canada. The production will return in April to perform in Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina.

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