Chinese Regime Spreads Disinformation Through Online Bot Networks

May 15, 2020 Updated: May 15, 2020

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The Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, has been spreading disinformation on social media platforms with the use of online bots and paid trolls, known as China’s “50-Cent-Army,” in order to amplify their agenda.

00:26 CCP Spreads Disinformation Using Bot Networks

05:47 Senators Seek CCP’s Full Cooperation

07:07 President Trump Threatens to ‘Cut Off’ Relationship With China

09:27 US Visas Limited to 90 Days for Chinese Journalists

10:48 CCP Cracks Down on Freedom to Assemble for Wuhan Families

16:02 Residents in Heilongjiang Struggle to Survive

18:32 CCP Exploits Pandemic to Further National Interests

21:39 Charts: CCP Virus Numbers

22:08 Sign the Petition:

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