Chinese Journalists Urge Eutelsat and BBG to Turn on NTDTV Signal

By Xin Fei
Xin Fei
Xin Fei
August 4, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015

Following Eutelsat’s termination of NTDTV’s signal into China, the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) announced recently that it will move Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Asia (RFA) from Eutelsat to the Asiasat 3S satellite. This move will cause the only independent Satellite broadcast into China to shut down completely.

This kind of collaboration between companies/organization in Western democratic countries and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to suppress freedom of the press has raised urgent concerns from the international community. NTDTV’s viewers in China have also sent strong messages to protest and condemn this action.

The Epoch Times reporter interviewed veteran Chinese journalists Ma Xiaoming and Li Yuanlong on this issue.

Former reporter for Shanxi TV Mr. Ma Xiaoming said that anyone with good sense knows that the CCP is behind all this. The CCP was capable of inciting mobs to openly assault Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing in a free Western country—what else is the CCP not capable of?{etRelated 1861,1773,1708)

Mr. Ma said, “However, every time something like this happens, more Chinese people and people from around the world end up clearly recognizing the CCP’s evilness. Whatever the CCP does is self-destructive. Justice will undoubtedly prevail.”

Former reporter for the Guizhou Biye Daily Mr. Li Yuanlong said, “Especially with the Olympics approaching, the CCP is more sensitive and more frightened, and trying al the more to block all information. The reason is because the CCP is aware of the fact that people do not support them. The CCP is hosting the Olympics out of their political purpose, and in an effort to strengthen the legitimacy of the Chinese communist regime. If the truth is to be exposed, the Chinese communist regime will face an even greater threat. Accordingly, the CCP has been making great efforts to suppress different voices.”

Mr. Li added, “The CCP is living in fear every day. They only care about what happens now, and don’t care about what happens in the future.  If they are able to maintain stability for a day, they will make the effort to do so. If they are able maintain stability for a short while, they will make the effort to do so. If they can suppress something for a day, they will suppress it for a day. They don’t have too much concern for everything, and they just try to barely hang in there.”

Mr. Ma said, “Some companies and organizations in Western democratic countries have actively or passively collaborated with the CCP, for the sake of financial gain or as a result of giving in to the CCP’s threats and intimidation. By doing so they might gain some benefit for now. Nevertheless, people and history will eventually condemn and spurn them based on justice, and they will quickly lose their fundamental financial gain.”

In 2005, Eutelsat announced that it sought to terminate its contract with NTDTV in an effort to earn more business from the Chinese communist regime. Eutelsat endured extensive criticism in the West for terminating its NTDTV contract. Many government officials from both the U.S. and Europe wrote and called Eutelsat urging continued service for NTDTV. An enormous public outcry over Eutelsat’s decision, forced the company to reconsider its decision and restore NTDTV’s broadcast into China.

Mr. Li pointed out that Eutelsat already had a previous “record,” and is now making the same mistake again, selling out its conscience and principles and helping a tyrannical regime to do evil—Eutelsat’s staff has indeed lost their heads.

He added, “People living in a free country should have a sense of justice and use their influence to help Chinese people who are under the CCP’s totalitarian regime to obtain freedom. How can they cooperate with the CCP’s totalitarian regime and submit to its pressure?”

According to an investigative report published by Reporters Without Borders on July 10, although Eutelsat has dropped NTDTV due to pressure from the CCP for more good deals implied by the CCP, the CCP has so far not given a dime to Eutelsat, and they have also ignored Eutelsat’s request to meet with CCP officials.

Mr. Ma commented, “Trust does not exist when the collaboration is based on just financial gain. When a Western company is doing business with the CCP, it’s like asking a tiger for its skin. I’ve read in many internal documents that the CCP considers democracy itself a dangerous enemy. Therefore, the CCP is just using the Western companies. There isn’t any trust or honesty between them. Eventually, Western companies will definitely suffer the bitter consequences of being used by the CCP.”

Mr. Li added, “Whether you are a foreigner or a native Chinese, or even a Communist Party member, the CCP treats you selfishly and ruthlessly. There is no consistent principle of conduct, and anything can change based on the CCP’s need. Western companies consider the CCP a financial partner—they are choosing the wrong partner. The CCP does not practice trust or honesty, and when it is critical they can possibly sell you out. Yahoo was actually sold out by the CCP, and it was awkward.”


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Xin Fei