China’s Newest Interference in Families: The ‘3 Child’ Policy

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
July 19, 2021 Updated: July 19, 2021

The various articles in The Epoch Times about China’s new policy to allow three children beg some excellent questions. With all the “green” talk by the left, you would think that they would be opposing policies that would encourage, not discourage, population growth. And that it would be first on their agenda if indeed “climate change” is an existential threat.

The new Chinese policies for encouraging parents to have three children were made to head off the effects on their economy not having sufficient labor to keep growing and to support their aging population. Compare this to the longstanding, brutally enforced “one child” policy that included dragging women in factories who were eight or nine months pregnant for forced “abortions.” (Abortion is a euphemism—those babies were murdered.) That heinous policy also resulted in thousands, maybe millions, of baby girls being abandoned—male children are obligated in Chinese culture to take care of aging parents. Those girls died or were adopted by foreigners. China now has 130 males to every 100 females in the childbearing age group. Now, to keep their economic power growing, the Chinese Communist Party has changed its tune.

If the left truly wants a global solution to save us from “climate change,” why would they engage in encouraging population growth in specific countries? Why not require those countries to take in refugees from countries struggling with famine and crops wiped out by hurricanes, etc.? Such a solution would provide needed labor and be a humanitarian solution without increasing population and further straining the Earth’s finite resources. The United Nations (which China appears to control) pushes the notion that humans are the worst disease affecting the planet.

The United States is now facing massive illegal immigration on the southern border that Biden refuses to secure. Any talk of getting control of our borders is labeled racist. How many refugees has China taken in? There is plenty to go around with all the conflict in the Middle East and widespread poverty in parts of Asia.

Biden rejoined the Paris Accord, which allows China to increase its emissions over the next 10 years, while the United States agreed to reduce theirs. At this date, China has 110 coal-fired electric plants under construction. Even more energy, food, etc., will be needed by China under the “three child” policy. Many U.S. states have very shortsightedly closed coal and even clean-burning natural gas plants while switching to expensive, unreliable “clean” energy. The result is that U.S. citizens are subsidizing China’s march toward economic superiority, which will allow their aggressive behavior to be even more difficult to rein in. The liberals’ cries of climate change being an existential threat are absurd given the United States’ rhetoric concerning the Paris Accord, the U.N., and our deference to China in so many areas.

And as countries like Sweden and Germany already know, it is nearly impossible to increase the birthrate of the local citizens, regardless of government subsidies for childcare and parental leave.

Katherine Newman


The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn