China in Focus (Oct. 30): China’s Finance Model Likened to Fraud Scams

October 30, 2020 Updated: October 31, 2020

China’s vice president spoke of a Ponzi scheme, not referring to private companies, but to the country’s whole financial system.

China’s Internet censorship blocks websites most people in the West can’t imagine going without. That even includes Wikipedia. Chinese police took one netizen into custody after they caught him browsing the site in his home.

China is threatening war with Taiwan and the United States. But China’s Ministry of National Defense says otherwise.

Taiwan updated its law to say no to China’s sand dredgers. And China will finally pay the price for sand theft from Taiwan’s seas.

And Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s payment company is set for a record-breaking IPO next week. The company controls massive data on Chinese users and is subject to surveillance from the Chinese regime.

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