Catherine Zeta-Jones Posts a Picture of When She First Met Michael Douglas

August 6, 2018 Updated: August 6, 2018

Eighteen years ago, Catherine Zeta-Jones married her husband Michael Douglas. On Aug. 3, 2018, she shared a picture on her Instagram page of the night she first met him, when he was already a very well-known Hollywood actor.

“Meeting my husband for the first time at the Deauville Film Festival. Can’t remember what he was talking about,” she joked in the caption of the photo.

It was twenty years ago when they shared the same dining table. She was introduced by their mutual friend Danny DiVito in 1998. Shortly after, Douglas told her, “I want to father your children.” The two got married two years later.

They are both Oscar-winning actors. Zeta-Jones is 48 years old now, and Douglas is 73. Douglas is still very active in show business and was just featured in “The Antman and the Wasp.”

The two famous celebrities also have two children together. Their son Dylan is 17 and daughter Carys is 15. Both of their children want to be actors like their parents. Douglas is supportive of their decisions.

“We’ve talked all about it. We wish them well. You’re always happy to see someone young have something they’re interested in,” he said, according to Daily Mail. However, he said, “It’s not easy. Second generations are rare in terms of success. Or third generations.”

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Carys has already showed up on the cover of the magazine “Town and Country” in September, 2017 with her mother Catherine. She mentioned recently that she was bullied for her father’s age, and people would say, “Your grandpa’s here to pick you up,” according a report by Mirror.

Even though Catherine and Michael had thought about splitting in 2013, they seemed to fall back in love toward the end of the same year and have been together ever since.

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