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Capitol Report (Sept. 1): Attorneys General Say DOJ and Big Tech Colluding; US Cracks Down on China

A federal judge declined to rule on Trump’s request for a special master. An attorney tells NTD the Trump team made a wrong move.

A lawsuit uncovers emails between federal officials and Big Tech companies. It claims the emails show how the administration censors topics like COVID-19 and Hunter Biden. We talked to one of the lawyers about the latest discoveries.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is now busing illegal border crossers to Chicago—in addition to Washington and New York City.

China will be getting fewer high-tech items from the United States. The U.S. government ordered top microchip companies to stop selling their most advanced chips to China—citing security concerns.

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal: a story Big Tech and mainstream media have proactively censored. A new film has shed light on some of the alarming revelations. We sit with director Robert Davi and Breitbart’s Alex Marlow to discuss.

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