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Capitol Report (July 12): Lowering Food Prices, Protecting Farmland; US Kills High-Level ISIS Commander

President Joe Biden is heading to the Middle East Tuesday night. The White House says he wants to help bring Israel and Saudi Arabia closer together.

House Republicans are calling for legislation to boost legal farmworker immigration, saying it’ll lower food prices. How much will it help, and what do lawmakers tell us about efforts to strengthen food and national security?

Cleo Paskal is a China expert and senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. She joins us to discuss the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party on the American homeland.

As Biden meets his Mexican counterpart, First Lady Jill Biden is facing backlash from the Latino community. She made a statement that isn’t sitting well with the Latino population.

NASA releases images from the James Webb Space Telescope, revealing the cosmos as we’ve never seen before. Biden reveals why he is so impressed during a preview event at the White House.

Is the nation’s heritage linked to the prosperity the United States has experienced over the past century? if so, where might our country be heading?

Starbucks will permanently close 16 stores across the nation over employee-safety concerns related to drug use, theft, and assault.

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