Cancel Your Weekend Plans: ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Is Now Streaming on Amazon

March 7, 2019 Updated: March 18, 2019

“I knew there would be rivers to cross and hills to climb, and I was glad, for this is a fair land and I rejoiced that I would see it.” – Laura Ingalls.

The Ingalls family story concludes with three heartwarming films – Look Back to Yesterday, Bless All the Dear Children &…

Little House on the Prairie 发布于 2016年9月13日周二

And you thought bonnets would never come back into fashion. Well, think again, because the binge-worthy Little House on the Prairie is back and ready for streaming on the small screen, in the comfort of your very own little house! (Thank you, Amazon Prime Video.)

We’ve missed the iconic 1970s television series since it wrapped up in 1983, based, as it was, around the lives of the Ingalls and their small family farm near the village of Walnut Grove in Minnesota. And the reason we got so invested in the plot lines? They were all based on real people and real-life events, thanks to the original books, author Laura Ingalls Wilder’s autobiographical Little House series.

Re-experience the end of this beloved series as the Wilder family wishes farewell to their little house. The deluxe,…

Little House on the Prairie 发布于 2016年4月19日周二

But to TV-loving, popcorn-munching nostalgia fans everywhere, this is your moment! All nine seasons are now available online. You can relive your favorite moments and the full spectrum of emotions (not all of them pretty) evoked by the show’s tip-top dialog, tumultuous plot lines, and occasionally traumatic events.

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Little House on the Prairie 发布于 2016年2月8日周一

Little House on the Prairie first aired on NBC in 1974 and followed the lives of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, their children, Mary, Laura, and Carrie, and their adopted children, Albert, James, and Cassandra. Laura often narrated, and was played by the inimitable Melissa Gilbert. NBC executive Ed Friendly discovered the books in the early 1970s. He approached actor and director Michael Landon to direct the pilot movie, and Landon agreed, but he had one condition: he wanted to play Charles.

The show ended a decade later, much to the disappointment of its loyal following, but appetites have been assuaged over the decades that followed with numerous reruns and spin-offs.

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Little House on the Prairie 发布于 2015年7月14日周二

Ever heard the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them”? Well, Little House revisitation excitement has reached fever pitch, so if you’re not already a convert, it’s probably time to hunker down and enjoy what is likely the most heartwarming, wholesome series that will ever grace your TV screen. You’ll be sporting a paisley blouse and quoting the show’s iconic one-liners before you know it.

From all of us at Little House on the Prairie, we want to wish you a very Happy Father's day!

Little House on the Prairie 发布于 2016年6月19日周日

As the show’s “wildcat from Tennessee” Isaiah Edwards once said: “That’s the trouble with friends. They’re always trying to give you advice.” Well, this advice is not the least bit troublesome: turn on, and indulge! With nine wonderful seasons to entertain and absorb you, you’ll wonder what you ever did before Little House came back to our screens in such abundance.

And as if this news wasn’t enough, a film adaptation of the pilot movie is currently underway at Paramount Pictures, directed by Sean Durkin. We can’t wait.

Will you be watching? Share your favorite “Little House” moment, or quote, with us and each other in the comments below!