Canada Needs Change

July 24, 2017 Updated: July 9, 2020

A few months ago I went to vote in the B.C. election but my name was not in the computer even though I was born in Canada 78 years ago. Then it was discovered that my driver’s licence is not in the computer, my senior’s medical card is not in the computer, and my gun permit is not in the computer. After 30 minutes I filled out a form and it and my vote were put in an envelope. Not right.

It’s the same situation with trying to renew my gun permit. Even after 12 phone calls between April and July 2017, I’m still not in the computer—nor is the $80 that I sent in.

I can only say one thing: President Trump should make B.C. part of the United States. They have better gun laws, cheaper car insurance, 7 percent less sales tax, and it’s only 70 cents for a gallon of gas. BC Ferries should be made an extension of the highway and free of charge to use.

As for people who want to own property in Canada, they must be a citizen; no dual nationality. They must be willing to fight for Canada if asked to.

Everything our fathers fought for is going down the tubes. We need change.

Hank Evans

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