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Calling Out Hollywood’s China Problem; Can Rationality Return; Sowing Kindness

(1:04) Movie industry executive Chris Fenton warns about Hollywood’s relationship with communist China. He says we’d better put American values ahead of rampant capitalism or it will be too late.

(25:12) In America Q&A, we ask how aware people are of the Chinese Communist Party’s influence over Hollywood films.

(28:12) Guess what? The deep divide between left and right isn’t new. Business world CEO turned historian, Seth David Radwell, explains how it all started and how we can fix it in his new book, “American Schism: How the Two Enlightenments Hold the Secret to Healing Our Nation.”

(38:31) Do you believe in creatures from another planet? In our second America Q&A, we ask if it would change your outlook on life if you knew for sure we’d been visited by extraterrestrial life.

(42:04) Finally, we meet Rodney Smith Jr., a young man whose one spontaneous good deed sprouted into a movement that is inspiring thousands of kids to help neighbors in need.

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