Call of Duty Ghosts DLC 4 Release Date: ‘Nemesis’ Coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 on Aug 5; PS4, PS3, PC Dates Not Out Yet

The final Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC is set for a release on Tuesday, August 5.

‘Nemesis’ will be available on all Xbox platforms on August 5. Activision has yet to announce the DLC release date for the PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

There are four new multiplayer maps available in “Nemesis“:

Goldrush: This map is set in an abandoned gold mine in USA. Narrow tunnels and shafts make it a map suited for close to medium range engagements. Players can ride two mine carts to get around the battlefield quickly.

Subzero: Set in an abandoned Canadian submarine base, this medium-sized map has a traditional three-lane design that allows for engagements of all ranges to take place.

Dynasty: This medium-sized map takes players to a Chinese lakeside village with a variety of elevations for players to take advantage of.

Showtime: This map is a remake of the classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map “Shipment.” The smallest CoD map has been reimagined as a “futuristic death arena.”

“Nemesis” also includes the fourth episode of Extinction mode. Entitled “Exodus,” this map allows players to craft more new weapons, and has new Cryptid aliens for players to face.

Almost all Cryptids from the previous episodes will make an appearance, including the Ancestors which are “the deadliest of enemies with a range of lethal powers including mind control and psionic attacks.”

“Nemesis” is priced at $15, and will be available for download for those who purchase the $50 season pass.