California Parents Are Afraid of Losing Their Kids | Erin Friday

California Parents Are Afraid of Losing Their Kids | Erin Friday
Siyamak Khorrami

“The school adopted my daughter’s new identity, which was a boy, changed her records to be male name, called her that in class. They told me I was unsafe. So they were safer for my daughter. This is a new movement that all parents are bad until proven good.”

Siyamak sits down with Erin Friday, executive committee member for Protect kids California. She tells us about a new policy in California schools, and how it has impacted her and a lot of parents across the state.

“At what age do they teach this in schools? Now is TK, that’s four years old,” Ms. Friday said, “We’ve never done this in the United States. They called me conservative, right wing. I’m a Democrat. They don’t want to put that in the story, because that’s going to open it up for other Democrats that believe what I believe.”

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