‘C. Ronaldo’ Signs Anti-Occupy Central Petition and Gets Approved

Nope, the athlete with the most Facebook fans didn't go to Hong Kong
October 27, 2014 Updated: October 28, 2014

Anything goes in the anti-Occupy Central camp it seems.

The Alliance for Peace and Democracy launched a three-day campaign on Saturday, Oct. 25 to gather signatures for a petition that calls for the clearing of occupied roads and the restoration of “law and order” in Hong Kong.

The petitions can be signed at more than 900 booths around the city and online.


As of Saturday, the anti-Occupy group supposedly amassed more than 320,000 signatures from both their physical booths and online.

320,000 seems like an impressive figure, if not for the questionable forms that have been filled out and approved.

【這個簽名運動是國際性認可的】 C朗於2014年26月10日,來了香港支持周融先生,身分已被核…

The form above was signed by one “C. Ronaldo,” and was verified and given a stamp of approval.

Clearly, the person is trying to pass off as world famous Portugal and Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately, the signer totally mis-wrote Ronaldo’s name in Chinese.

Ronaldo has not given any indication whether he supports, is against, or even bothers about Occupy Central on all of his official social media accounts.

Unless the athlete with more than 100 million Facebook fans secretly got a proxy to help him declare his support for the anti-Occupy movement on his behalf, its pretty safe to assume that “C. Ronaldo” is a completely bogus identity and not Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here’s another anti-Occupy form that got approved.

薑蓉真包容 - 包容所有柒事

The person signed “Wong See Tai,” which can be pronounced “Yellow Ribbon” in Cantonese, and gave the number for McDonald’s McDelivery in Hong Kong under contact information.

Suffice to say, Robert Chow, the convener and spokesman for the Alliance for Peace and Democracy, will have his work cut out to prove that his signatories are real people when he eventually announces the final tally.