Business Chart of the Day: Ford Remains Stuck in Neutral

By Benzinga
November 29, 2021 Updated: November 29, 2021

Long-term shareholders of Ford Motor Company haven’t had much to celebrate over the past three weeks. The stock has been stuck in a narrow range, but some traders have still been able to profit.

When Ford reached levels around $20.50, these traders sold. At the top of the range there is resistance, or a large group of sellers. They put a ceiling on the price.

When the stock dropped to levels around $19.30, these traders bought. At the bottom of the range, there has been a large group of buyers. They put a floor under the price.

Until something changes, traders will be looking to buy and sell at these levels. They want to continue to profit from a well-defined trading range.

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By Mark Putrino 

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