Knightscope CEO on Stock Volatility, Company Focus Following IPO

Knightscope CEO on Stock Volatility, Company Focus Following IPO
A five-foot (1.5 meter) tall outdoor K5 security robot patrols the grounds of the Washington Harbour retail-residential center in the Georgetown district of Wash., on July 26, 2017. (Rob Lever/AFP via Getty Images)
Knightscope Inc. made its public debut on Jan. 27. Shares of the security technology company were priced at $10 and opened for trading around $14 per share. The stock closed down more than 40 percent before finding renewed investor interest the following day and surging as high as $27.50.

‘Long Knightscope, Short the Criminals’

“The stock is going to go up, the stock is going to go down. We need to focus on the actual mission, which is better securing the country,” Knightscope chairman and CEO William Santana Li said Wednesday on “Benzinga Live.”

Knightscope is a developer of advanced physical security technologies that aim to enhance security operations in the United States.

In order to better secure the U.S., Knightscope will need the whole nation’s focus, Li said, adding that the recent attention on the stock is better than having investors show a lack of interest.

“We have the most cash on hand that we’ve had in the history of the company,” he said. “The stock price doesn’t affect the amount of money in the treasury or the employees, or our clients, or the technology and that’s kind of where me and the entire team are really focused.”

The company has remained consistent in its message that investors who back Knightscope will be helping to reduce criminal activity: “long Knightscope, short the criminals.”

What’s Next

Now that Knightscope has successfully listed on the Nasdaq, Li said the company is focused on its clients. Knightscope plans to continue doing roadshows, raising awareness about the security advancements the company offers.

Knightscope is also focused on improving and adding more capabilities to the company’s technology, and it is recruiting in order to grow its team.

“That was the whole premise of the offering: to grow the company. And that’s what we are following through on,” Li emphasized.

By Adam Eckert
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