Bullied 13-Year-Old Posts Video Online: ‘Ugly, Stupid, Dumb: These Are Just a Few of the Things You Called Me’

March 2, 2018 Updated: March 2, 2018

A bullied Arizona 13-year-old posted a video online discussing how she’s been bullied.

“Ugly, stupid, dumb: these are just a few of the things you called me,” said Kalani at the start of the video.

She later said that she is being intensely hurt by the peers that are bullying her.

“Everyday, I wear your words, and everyday, it hurts,” said Kalani. “Everyday, you are hurting me. Everyday, you are hurting each other. I don’t want to wear your words anymore, so please stop. Stop hurting me.”

The 13-year-old starts crying near the end of the video.

The footage was shared on Facebook by Regina Goldberg, who said Kalani is her daughter, according to Fox10.

Warning: Video contains explicit language

Goldberg said that her daughter is smart, funny, kind, quirky, and creative and that people shouldn’t bully her.

“My daughter is being bullied and she is hurting. My sweet little girl is suffering and she wants the world to know,” said Goldberg, who noted her daughter’s love of science and respect for her teachers seems to enrage some fellow students.

Goldberg said she just found out recently that Kalani has faced bullying.

“She wants other kids like her to know they are not alone,” said Goldberg.

In the post, Goldberg urges parents and children to watch the video together.

She said parents should discuss bullying with their children.

The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times on Facebook.

“Bullying will stop when teachers are allowed to punish their students. All these reports to parents doesn’t work because they will still not do something apart from honey don’t do it,” said one user.

“My child is being bullied at school, so I went to the principal he did nothing but made it worse. It has not stopped,” added another.

“Such a brave sweet girl. Bullying sucks. These bullies should be put in a school all together and beat the crap out of each other all through high school. Give them a taste of it,” added yet another.

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