Dog Owner Fulfills Final Item on Bucket List After Buddy Dies

April 1, 2016 Updated: April 1, 2016

Buddy, a 7-year-old dog, who got famous on the Internet for his extensive bucket list, passed away at 10 a.m. on March 30.

But not before completing 49 of the 50 items on his bucket list. (See the full list at the bottom of the article).

His owner, Emily Mochan, broke the news to roughly 13,000 followers of the “Buddy’s Bucket List” Facebook page on Thursday: “Although it breaks my heart, I’m glad to say he was laid to rest yesterday morning at 10am before he started really suffering. He went peacefully with no pain, while surrounded by friends.”

Emily and Buddy playing with toy (Photo courtesy of Emily Mochan)
Emily and Buddy playing with toy (Photo courtesy of Emily Mochan)

Mochan told Epoch Times that the bucket list ideas were all hers, although her friend Jake Fowler came up with the concept: A list of things she thought Buddy would enjoy, “or what would make a dog’s life incredible,” she said.

Buddy was a beautiful dog, Mochan said, and she is “grateful for all the time” she had with him.

I keep going to call his name but I know he’s not there.
— Emily Mochan, owner

When Buddy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January, he was given four to six weeks to live.

“Initially there was a lump that had formed on the side of his neck; we took him to the vet, but unfortunately, the first vet misdiagnosed it as an inflammation and it got a lot worse very quickly. The second vet referred us onto a specialist and we discovered that it was most likely T-Cell lymphoma which is a very aggressive cancer that affects the lymph nodes and spreads throughout the body very quickly.”

“The stoic little lad was laid to rest in his 9th week.

“I like to think that he held on so much longer because he was having way too much fun to give up on us so easily,” Mochan said.

But, since Buddy didn’t get the chance to complete one last item on his bucket list: helping other animals in need, Mochan plans to donate all of his toys and all the funds that were raised on GoFundMe (launched Feb. 15, raising $2,325 in around one month) to the local shelters and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

She is requesting for people who still want to donate, to please donate directly to the RSPCA.

Mochan said she is glad Buddy got to “leave on a high” although it was really difficult for her to put on a brave face, she said. 

(Photo courtesy of Emily Mochan)
(Photo courtesy of Emily Mochan)

When asked how has her life changed since the passing of her dog, she said, “I keep going to call his name but I know he’s not there.”

Her home is empty, she said.

Buddy’s Bucket list:

  1. Go for a run at the beach – DONE
  2. Eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – DONE
  3. Get a Special Mention on Brisbane Triple M – DONE
  4. Make it on to the local News – DONE
  5. Have a famous Cricketer throw the ball for him – DONE
  6. Ride in a convertible with the top down – DONE
  7.  Eat a cooked steak dinner – DONE
  8.  Eat a full string of sausages – DONE
  9. Dine on a gourmet Burger – DONE
  10.  A visit to the dog spa – DONE
  11.  Obtain and play in a ball pit like the ones from McDonalds – DONE
  12.  Take a stroll through a dog friendly National Park – DONE
  13. Meet a celebrity – DONE
  14. Paw-Paint a Canvas Picture – DONE
  15.  Get his very own order at the drive through at KFC – DONE
  16.  Go out in the rain and be allowed to get as muddy as he likes! – DONE
  17.  Sit in a cop car – DONE
  18. Sit in a Fire Engine – DONE
  19. Meet and get a pat from the Post Man – DONE
  20.  Birthday Party on the 8th of March if he’s still with us – DONE
  21. Get a Special Mention in the Local Paper – DONE
  22. Return to Favourite Five Dog Parks – DONE
  23.  Discover an additional Five Future Favourite Dog parks – DONE
  24.  Ride in a Jeep – DONE
  25. Go out on a boat – DONE
  26.  Visit Noosa’s Dog Beach – DONE
  27.  Go 4WDing – DONE
  28.  Have a Portrait Painted of him (Thanks Artist Scott Burwell) – DONE
  29.  Be Published in a Book – DONE
  30. Have a Photo Shoot with Mum (Massive thanks to Diana from K9 Photography) – DONE
  31. Have his own Photo Shoot – DONE
  32.  Cast made of Paws (Thanks to Alexandra Hughes from Bruce & Co Studio) – DONE
  33. Make it onto TV – DONE
  34.  Ride in a Limo – DONE
  35. Sit on a Harley (or in a side car) – DONE
  36. Make him the “face” of a Campaign or Product – DONE
  37. Calendar Made of him – DONE
  38. Fancy Dress costumes – DONE
  39.  Sit in an Ambulance – DONE
  40. Be Published in a Novel – (thanks Susan Mallery) – DONE
  41. Help other pets in need
  42. Make friends from all around the World – DONE! (Thank you guys so much!!)
  43. Get laid – DONE
  44. Dine in at a Restaurant – DONE
  45. Legally take a stroll through a shopping centre – DONE
  46. Be the Guest on the Red Carpet – DONE
  47. Hang out with Stav, Abby and Osher from Hit105 – DONE
  48.  Try a pie from Yatala Pies – DONE
  49. Become an honorary Service Dog for the Day – DONE
  50. Have a song written and recorded about him – DONE