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Border Towns Cry for Help; Antitrust Bills Target Big Tech; Ransomware Racket

People in the city of Uvalde, Texas, say they’re at their wit’s end. A constant stream of illegal immigrants—mostly young, male, and on the run from Border Patrol—are wreaking havoc in their community.

(1:06) Mayor Don Mclaughlin says migrants are nothing new when you live near the border, but this is different. Longtime rancher John Sewell says the crime has affected every aspect of life and he’s worried there’s no end in sight.

(26:52) In America Q&A, we ask if people think Texas—bearing the brunt of the border crisis—should go ahead and build its own border wall.

(30:24) Then, at a time when bipartisan cooperation sounds like an oxymoron, a group of House lawmakers dropped five antitrust bills, all taking aim at Big Tech. We speak with a co-sponsor of all five bills, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.).

(39:31) In our second America Q&A, we ask people across the country if they think Big Tech companies should be split apart.

(42:43) Finally, we look at the modern-day shake-down—ransomware attacks. Colonial Pipeline and JBS foods are two high-profile cases that recently made the news. But this cybercrime has a lot more to it than you might think, as we learn from Eric Cole, an ex-CIA hacker, and author of “Cyber Crisis: Protecting Your Business from Real Threats in the Virtual World.”