Meet Clint the Border Collie, a Good Boy Who Keeps All Animals on His Farm in the Right Place

April 20, 2019 Updated: April 20, 2019

A 5-year-old Border Collie named Clint loves to put all the sheep on his farm into the right place. He shows them who’s boss as he gets low to the ground and slowly pushes in towards the sheep. In this video, we see that this is not the first time Clint has done anything like this as he knows exactly what to do, step by step.

Clint does not live alone, of course, he lives in Donegal, Ireland with his former owner. Together, they run the farm day by day! In this quick video, we even get to see a clip of Clint and an assistant dog able to get 7 grown-ducks into a small cage! Watch the video for yourself and see how much precision and skill this dog has; you will also notice how much help he must be for his owner! This dog was born to work on the farm, he can guide almost any animal and knows all the right moves to take to get the animals (in this case the sheep and the ducks) into a cage, pen, field, almost anything! You will also notice in this video that both Clint and the other dog stay low to the ground and lay down when they are not moving, after seeing this, I think this is a great strategy to have the ducks approach him so that he can run at them and get them into the cage.

Enjoy the video and check out these skills!

Credit: ViralHog