Black Mold in a Swedish School Linked to Teacher Cancer

January 15, 2009 Updated: January 15, 2009

STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Black mold in a Swedish high-school could have been behind a surge of cancer cases among teaching staff over the last 20 years. Since late 1989, around 20 teachers from Sträbacka high-school in the northern city of Piteå have fallen ill with cancer.

An investigation has begun to see whether the cases have any connection with a recent discovery of black mold in the school building, according to Radio Sweden

The twenty teachers had all worked on the same floor the growth was discovered. An investigation was made into the cancer cases in 2004, though the mold was not found at that time.

After pressure from teachers and students, school management now plans to close that part of the school. Pia Andersson, safety Ombudsman for the Teachers Trade Union, complained that it took too long for school management to react.