Bizarre Video of ‘Creature’ Resembling ‘Harry Potter’ Character Allegedly Caught on Home Camera

June 9, 2019 Updated: June 9, 2019

An unusual video that has been circulating online over the weekend shows what appears to be a character from the “Harry Potter” series.

The short clip went viral on Twitter on June 7 when a user claimed that it was placed on the Facebook page of a woman identified as Vivian Gomez, Fox News and The Daily Dot reported.

It appears that a security camera at the home captured the video, showing a small humanoid figure with large ears dancing in a driveway.

It’s not clear if the video was edited.

Gomez claimed she saw the footage of her driveway.

“So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out…what the heck?? First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason,” Gomez wrote in Facebook video that has generated over 5 million views in a few days.

Some people noted that there appears to be two shadows, claiming that the elf-like figure was a puppet led by strings.

While some claimed it was digitally-edited, one person wrote, “The varying light shadows and detailed reflection against the car makes this extremely difficult to ‘fake.’”

“There’s also a reflection in the window to the left near the end. If this is fake someone spent a ton of time and money to get reflection in the car and window and shadows extremely correct,” the person said.

Others said it looked like Dobby, a character in the Harry Potter film “Deathly Hallows.”

The video has since generated over 65,000 retweets and 200,000 likes on Twitter.