BioShock iOS Release Date, News: Classic ‘Rapture’ Adventure Headed to iPhone and iPad

The original BioShock is headed to iOS devices.

Video game publisher 2K Games announced that they will soon be releasing a port of the hit game BioShock for Apple’s mobile devices.

Earlier, they had hinted that they were producing an Apple-related game via a tweet, where a poster from Eve’s Garden in BioShock displayed the words: “Come Bite the Apple.”

The game is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C, as well as the iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air.

So far, 2K Games has not yet come up with a launch date or price.

2K Games did price its Grand Theft Auto iOS games at about seven dollars, and there’s a good chance that BioShock iOS should fall in the same price range.

BioShock iOS supports touch-optimized controls and the iPhone game controller.

Eurogamer were able to test out the game, and they noted that: “During an hour’s hands-on we found BioShock iOS to be a remarkably faithful version of the game, albeit shrunken down for smaller screens. The original game is all there, although with some compromises on how it looks.

“This is especially evident during the game’s fiery opening, when water and flame effects are of noticeably lower quality.

“Once within Rapture, however, the location’s enclosed nature and general gloom soon look largely familiar, and you’re able to rediscover the city in much of its original glory.”

The underwater city of Rapture is where protagonist Jack finds himself in after a plane accident. The player will lead Jack through this mysterious utopia/dystopia, and seek out the intentions of Andrew Ryan, the man who envisioned it.

Eurogamer points out that the port is true to the original story, but players may find the details “tuned down” as is to be expected with porting a PC game for the less powerful iOS devices.

This is certainly good news for fans of the original who want to relieve good times on the go, as well as for newcomers to the BioShock story.