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Biden’s DOJ Staffed by Same People Who Pushed Russia Collusion Theories Against Trump

Biden has become notorious for staffing his administration with Obama-era individuals who had direct participation in RussiaGate.

But the addition of Susan Hennessey to the DOJ’s National Security Division marks further concerns over conflicts of interest in Biden appointments and is an affront to the independence of our Justice System.

Hennessey has been one of the primary promoters of Russia Collusion theories during her time at Lawfare and The Brookings Institute—and her outlandish claims have consistently been proven wrong.

Although her appointment is not subject to Congressional confirmation, the GOP should be unified in opposition to her new position.

That the GOP is not acting in an outraged response goes a long way to explaining where the nation is today.

How does a promoter of disproven collusion theories end up back in an influential post at the DOJ?

Why was Hennessey selected by the Biden administration?

Why is the conservative base so outraged, and why is there no pushback from the GOP?

Are RussiaGate conspiracy theorists being rewarded for their efforts in thwarting the Trump presidency?

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