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Behind the Outrage Over Eileen Gu and China’s Treatment of Women; Former Uyghur Torchbearer Speaks Out on China

Eileen Gu is in hot water. Her choice to compete for Team China is sparking outrage, a reflection of a deeper societal problem in China—all this through the perspective of four Chinese women. We take a deeper look at how the Chinese Communist Party is behind all of it, and we take a look at the stark contrast between a rape victim, three athletes, and a road to chaos.

And I got a chance to speak with an Uyghur torch bearer from the 2008 Olympic Games. He told me why the Party chose to have an Uyghur athlete at the opening ceremony and what it means for the Uyghur community as a whole, as the persecution against religious groups and minorities continues to ramp up.

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