Beaten, Bloodied Hong Kong Policeman Really a ‘Zombie Cop’

October 19, 2014 Updated: October 21, 2014

No, Hong Kong’s police have not been battered and bloodied by pro-democracy protesters, and they haven’t turned into zombies, either.

After brutal police action earlier in the week left a number of protesters bruised and bleeding at various Occupy Central protest sites, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s media and communications adviser Andrew Fung tried to deflect public criticism and anger towards the police force by presenting “evidence” of “protester brutality.”

On Wednesday, Fung dug up a photo of a grim looking cop with blood splattered on his face and the front of his uniform, and posted the incriminating picture on his Facebook wall (via MingPao).

“Everybody who uses violence is wrong,” wrote Andrew Fung. 

“If the police get hurt, you should have sympathy.

“The idea of democracy includes love,” he added.

The photo was shared among supporters of the Hong Kong police, possibly to show that the peaceful, nonviolent Occupy Central protesters don’t always practice what they preach.

Unfortunately for Fung and the police supporters, television network HKTV quickly called out the photo as a fake on their Facebook page.


As it turns out, the “policeman” in Fung’s photo is really Hong Kong actor Wu Kwing-lung in a “zombie cop” make-up for his role on a new local TV show, “Night Shift.”

HKTV even posted a photo of a Wu in casual clothing as proof, and praised their make-up artist for a job well done. 

It is unclear if Fung knew the photo’s source before posting it, but his gaffe definitely provided comic relief for pro-democracy protesters and neutrals, and no small amount of embarrassment for the Hong Kong government.