Batman vs Superman Movie Spoilers: Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor

December 1, 2014 Updated: December 1, 2014

The Batman v Superman movie has been closely followed by fans of the superheroes, and some spoilers have emerged.

One big one is that leaked photos indicate Clark Kent is going to take over the Daily Planet, and conduct some key interviews.

Another big spoilers–based off leaked footage–indicates Gotham gets destroyed.

“There are two possibilities here: either Luthor causes destruction to Batman’s home city under the guise of Superman in order to compel him to finally go after the Kryptonian or this is the trigger that convinces Wayne that he’s sided with the wrong allies,” according to What Culture.

“Other than helping out with the threat to the wider world, Batman would need an immediate threat to Gotham, and it would make sense that Superman would either cause inadvertently or be framed for serious damage as the Bat’s inspiration. And the fact that Clark was in Gotham already seems to fit the idea.”

Photos have also revealed that Bruce Wayne and some other characters go to Smallville, the location of Superman’s parents’ home.

Leaked photos have also let loose other aspects of the film, such as a big protest against Superman.

The most interesting one might be a set of three advertisements, one of which features Wayne on the cover of Time magazine.

Another of the ads shows a short-haired Lex Luthor, and his pose adds to the thought that this Luthor will be different from the ones we’ve seen before.



“The most intriguing rumours about Luthor concerns his acquisition of the Daily Planet as a marketing tool: could this be in response to investigations into him, led by Lois Lane? Does that then suggest that Lane will be as much under threat as Superman?” What Culture noted.

“It would seem that Luthor is going to manipulate Batman the same way he does Metropolis’ residents: using the Gotham dark knight as his poster-boy for the anti-Superman movement, before Wayne learns the truth (perhaps thanks to Lane).”

Meanwhile, some new rumors indicate that Wonder Woman may be related to Aquaman in Batman v Superman, according to Super Hero Feed.

“Aquaman is in an argument with Wonder Woman and her family for what happened on Earth with the invasion of Zod. They are disputing that if Wonder Woman and her family (the Amazons) are unable to maintain control, peace, and authority from threats from other worlds trying to invade Earth then Aquaman and his family (The Atlanteans) will be taking the lead of situations,” the website said, noting that it’s just a rumor so far.

“Also in which he is the heir to the Throne of Atlantis.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is slated to hit theaters on March 25, 2016.

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