Band Chat: Oh Honey on Their First U.S. Headlining Tour

April 13, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Pop/folk duo Oh Honey is worried about missing their next performance in Denver, a 25-hour drive from Seattle. Exhausted, they stop at a gas station to rest and refuel on gas for their tour bus. They were detained in Seattle Tuesday night due to road closures from an impending snowstorm.

“We’ve been driving for 13 hours but we’re somehow only three hours outside of Seattle because we got caught in the snowstorm last night,” Danielle Bouchard, one half of Oh Honey said.

Bouchard and Mitchy Collins formed Oh Honey in 2013 in Brooklyn when Collins was seeking a female vocalist for a project. Although Bouchard and Collins met years before, neither knew of the outcome that resulted in collaborating with each other.

“I was looking for the missing piece and a mutual friend of ours brought her my way and she knows how to really sing,” Collins said.

Collins and Bouchard are currently headlining their first U.S. tour in support of their third EP “Wish You Were Here.” Their latest single, “Sugar, You,” which was released on Mar. 24, is as optimistic and uplifting as their top 25 hit “Be Okay.”

“It kind of took a life on its own,” Bouchard said on “Be Okay.” “Turning on the TV now and hearing our song in all these different commercials and movie trailers or TV shows. It’s such a crazy feeling.”

The “Wish You Were Here” EP is part of the Postcard Series that include the “With Love” and “Sincerely Yours” EPs. The final EP “Until Next Time,” will be released in October.

Collins mentions that each of their songs tries “to be real and honest and optimistic and hopeful.”

Oh Honey has yet to record their debut full-length album but the quick rise to fame has been surreal.

“You’re waiting for everything to catch up and kind of being able to take it all in but it’s all such a whirlwind,” Collins said.

The duo will perform at the Studio at Webster Hall in New York on April 15, a venue they’re well acquainted with.

“It’s going to be great,” Bouchard said. “I feel like the studio, for me, is one of those venues that I’ve been to a million times. The longest we’ve ever played in New York was 30 minutes so it will be really nice to have our own show.”