Australia’s Major Parties No Longer Stand for the People They Are Meant to Represent

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
May 11, 2022 Updated: May 11, 2022

Since early 2020, all Australian state and federal governments have, under cover of COVID-19 restrictions, gone on a rampage of control and abuse of the Australian people. Owning up to this will be traumatic for people accustomed to trusting the government based on our unique historical experience.

Nevertheless, in the last two years, all Australian governments have locked people in their homes, restricted their movements, tracked them, destroyed their economic independence, and in some cases taken control of their money.

The authorities have lied, withheld essential facts, distorted statistics, tried to close down any meaningful discussion and drowned out questioning voices with a campaign of fear.

They have shut down schools, driven people from their professions, and compromised essential services. They withheld effective medicine while people died needlessly—and alone, without their relatives. Then they doubled down on “vaccinations” and lied about the side effects. Parliament was prorogued and supplanted by bureaucratic diktat. Dissenting doctors and scientists were sidelined. Media, parties, and policies have now morphed into a one-narrative, one-party State. If this was a custody case, it would be over.

But Australians are waking up. In a vast country with only 25 million souls, over half a million have marched in rallies in one major city (Melbourne) and thousands and thousands have protested at Parliament House, not once—but repeatedly and for weeks.

Hundreds of thousands are out of work for refusing the jab. Between one and a half to two million have lost their jobs and businesses. This has been ignored and minimised by the “one narrative” mainstream press. But alternative media in Australia is thriving, the word is spreading and national elections are due on 21 May 2022.

How will Australians vote? Both major parties supported the narrative, and so did the Greens party. However, a handful of alternative freedom-minded parties are now contesting the election with a credible and growing campaign.

But one last lie stands in the way: that only the major parties can get enough votes to win, so a vote for a freedom party is a “wasted” vote.

To expose that lie, a small group of citizens has mounted the biggest political education campaign in Australian history, teaching the electorate to “Put Majors Last.”

A focal point for the campaign is a website that enables voters to select their electorate, and then create a how to voting card based on their preferences, but which always has the Majors and Greens in the last three spots. The science of preference flows means that if a large number of voters put freedom parties first and the abusing parties last, there will be fundamental political change.

We had two weeks to flatten the curve. Now we have two weeks to flatten the Majors.

Erik Peacock