Aussie Police to Stop Black Lives Matter Protest in Court Amid COVID-19 Fears

July 20, 2020 Updated: July 21, 2020

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has urged against participating in another Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally in the Sydney central business district on July 28, as the state battles to extinguish the spot fires of the CCP virus that has spread from Victoria.

Organisers have lodged a protest application and more than 4,000 are expected to attend, but NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told 2GB he intends to block the rally and take the protesters to the Supreme Court.

“Relying on some pretty good intelligence from Victoria, we know how dangerous these protests can be, in terms of health,” Fuller said.

“A number of people who came to the protests [in Victoria] were living in those vertical towers.”

Fuller is referring to the public housing towers at the centre of an outbreak.

Last week, Victoria reached a record number of 428 cases on July 17. Yesterday, the state recorded 363 cases and three more deaths, promoting a move to make masks mandatory starting this Wednesday.

“It’s just not the time,” Fuller said. He suggested looking at other options that don’t involve the health risks a large scale protest would.

“There’s so many other forums at the moment, the way that people can communicate, that they can protest. We’ve all changed our lifestyles and all changed the way we do our business,” Fuller said.

The leftist BLM movement erupted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and calls for justice over the death of American man George Floyd, while also harbouring and advocating communist values. Recent protests around the world have turned into violent demonstrations involving the vandalism of statues across multiple cities and states.

U.S. journalist Andy Ngo wrote of BLM on Twitter, saying: “BLM at its core is a revolutionary Marxist ideology. Its founders have made no secret of their worship of Communist terrorists & fugitives. They want regime change & the end of the rule of law. Antifa has partnered with them, for now, to help accelerate the break down of society.”

As of July 19, NSW Health recorded 20 new cases and have called on people to redouble their efforts to stop the virus spreading. Today, 200,000 NSW students returned to schools. As a result, the state is tightening its border with Victoria even further. From midnight tomorrow, all travel permits need to be reapplied and travel will only be allowed for work, study, or health.