VIDEO: Landlord Clears Garbage Left by ‘Nightmare Tenants,’ Dumps Huge Pile on Their Doorstep

VIDEO: Landlord Clears Garbage Left by ‘Nightmare Tenants,’ Dumps Huge Pile on Their Doorstep
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Michael Wing
From the archives: This story was last updated in July 2019.
Most landlords probably just hope to get a tenant who will pay the rent (preferably on time) and not trash the place. Some tenants, who might seem fine at first, are just the opposite. These unruly, partying, fly-by-night squatters can be a landlord’s worst nightmare.

Perhaps it’s comforting to know that it usually catches up with them in the end.

Just ask French landlord Thomas Ravaux from the tiny town of Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, in northern France.

Ravaux posted several photos and videos taken during a visit to the apartment where his tenants, a family with three children, were supposed to be living. As you can see, the apartment was an utter disaster. There was trash, boxes, uncleaned kitty litter, and filth strewn everywhere in every room.

Not only that, but they had abandoned the place without having paid their rent in 14 months. He had told L'Union that the family hadn’t given any notice before leaving, nor had they returned the keys or given him a chance to do an inventory check.

He wrote a caption along with his post, which read:

“This is how this flat was returned to me.

“Living like that with three kids, bravo. Shame on you.

“Good luck to your new landlord.”

Ravaux was fed up, and so he decided to repay his former tenants for the horrendous mess that they had created and so selfishly left for him to clean up (not to mention pay for).

He came up with a perfect plan to even the score, and at the behest of Facebook users who saw the photos of his disaster-zone apartment, he recorded yet another video. It would show justice quite literally being delivered to his previous tenants’ doorstep.

Ravaux had all of the junk, ruined furniture, and garbage that was left behind loaded into a dump truck. Then they made their way to the tenants’ new home, and with video camera rolling, they lifted the boom and had the whole mess dumped into a massive pile right in front of the house.

Afterward, the French landlord posted the video on Facebook and added a caption, which read:

“Return to sender.”

The video went viral and has since been viewed over a million times, also garnering major media attention.

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