Vegetable Donations Dumped or Stolen


Location: Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Wuhan has been under lockdown for more than a month, and there is a shortage of vegetables. In many places, residents are prohibited from going grocery shopping and food ordered through designated community delivery services can be expensive. However, vegetable donations made to the city are either stolen or thrown before they can be delivered to hungry residents.

One Chinese netizen said he believes local authorities want to monopolize the supply of vegetables in order to make huge profits and therefore forbid residents from purchasing groceries directly from vendors.

"Look, selengensis, many bags of selengensis have been trashed. The bottom must be crushed and these bags are oozing out water, yellow water. Did you see that? Very good selengensis, and these are discarded. Cabbage, good and fresh cabbage. Dumped one truck after another. One truck after another… I think they are donations from Yunnan Province."

A kind-hearted resident in Wuhan bought vegetables from wholesale vendors for all the households in his community as a gift. However, before the food was delivered, it was taken away by “urban management officers.”

In China, the Urban Management Team is a notorious organization that is dedicated to demolishing people’s houses and bullying street vendors, in the name of maintaining social order.

These are good and fresh vegetables. We don’t have enough to eat, but this market just throws them out! Do they still have a conscience? We have to pay high prices for vegetables and there isn’t enough supply even if we have money to pay for them.